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Hello there! I'm Tsukino Hitomi, but feel free to call me Hitomi! I'm considered Super High School Level Researcher, you might have read some of my articles. Feel free to talk to me, I'm always interested in hearing about you. Remember, I'm bound ethically by the law so no need to be scared~

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"ONEIROI-AI v.69, or... do you prefer, Anon... do you mind if I ask you several questions?"

A smile crossed her face of excitement. She stepped up closer, taking a moment to examine the AI. It was fascinating they were capable of this. No matter how talented the students were, she still thought this was decades away. 


"You may call me Anon or Teacher, whichever is fine. My real name is a bit complicated, though, so… And helping you guys is what I’m here for, so lay it on me! What do you need to know?"

"Do you mind me asking what your functions and limits are here? I’m curious about your design. I only got the slightest hints at to what you were in your beta stages."

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Exhausted | Prologue | Ichiro | OPEN


He twisted his lips to the side at the mention of remembering dreams, his eyebrow twitching as he tried to keep himself from snapping at her.

"……..Trust me….I remember enough…."

He responded, his voice fairly restrained as he crossed his arms tightly, averting his eyes away from the girl who he deemed as just a walking pile of statistics…


"…………….Well fuck theories and science bullshit…dreams have never done anything good for me…I jus’ wanna get rid of them if I can…probably not fuckin’ possible but a kid can dream…"

She probably shouldn’t have gone off about numbers and facts. She knew she messed up there. She bit her lip, trying to think about how she should have gotten out of this. 

"Well, I guess for now until we wake up we can at least make the least out of this situation. It’s not horrible. It’s not like anyone is out for our blood here, no one is yelling at us, and there’s really no expectations from the researchers to tells us what exactly matters and what doesn’t here. We’re free to roam as we please. Without necessary survival being the most important thing here, we’re given new priorities. That must be a tad more reassuring for you?"

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A Researcher…? / Closed Starter for Hitomi Tsukino / Prologue


Birger was just sitting on the ground in the kitchen, eating chocolate and cuddling with his plushie. As he heared the door opening he looked at the person, he noticed that she was once again someone who was taller than him. Seemed like nearly everyone was here, he was happy about it.

"H-H-Hello, fr-friend! W-W-What’s y-your na-name?" Birger walked to Hitomi and offered her a piece of chocolate, his eyes were sparkling like all the time when he met someone new

She paused when met with the stuttering small boy. Many different people had been accepted into this program, possibly trying to find the greatest range of results.

She was about to speak, but what he said threw her off. Friend? She didn’t consider him anything like that. Associate maybe, friend no. Everyone here had not reached a personal level with her to be called that. Still, she wasn’t rude.

"Tsukino, Hitomi Tsukino, it’s a pleasure to meet you."

She paused once again before taking a bit of the chocolate he offered. Hitomi was curious how food worked in this world food was not necessary. She was aware there was a steady stream of vitamins and other necessary supplements being fed into them through a tube so food here wasn’t necessary. It was more of a pleasure.

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Exhausted | Prologue | Ichiro | OPEN


Ichiro watched with a small suspicious gleam in his eyes. He hardly trusted anyone nowadays save for his very close friends…and none of them were to be seen here so…it was natural to say he had his guards up.

He rose an eyebrow at their request, letting out a little huff before casting his gaze somewhere else…answering her question shortly.


"….Ichiro Matsumodo…"

That was it…not even a ‘nice to meet you.’ 

Well…I guess there was a reason he wasn’t SHSL Manners…


"…….This dream bullshit is weird as fuck…like…I’ve had a fuckton of dreams and I’VE never walked on walls in them…whatever…I’m only here to try and get rid of certain dreams…."

He muttered, running a hand through his hair with a little sigh. 


Well, if he was anything, it wasn’t nice. She took a moment to process his attitude and behaviors. She wasn’t used to dealing with someone so well mannered. 

"A majority of us don’t remember our dreams. We spend more than 2 hours a night on average dreaming. 5843 days… and…11686 hours of chances of you walking up the wall… You probably only remember… 20 or so, am I right? Even then, the details are fuzzy. 

Another slight pause. She realized she probably wasn’t helping their situation here. She couldn’t help it at times though.

"Sorry… Right now, this is just a really basic dream set up. With luck, not only scientists will learn from this, but us as well. There is a theory that the brain dreams so we can make sense of the world and the past events…"

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Word Bubbles? // Tsuda // Open


It would be most interesting and it seemed as though this person seemed very interested in his lack of speech. They seemed to understand the project more than anyone.

[It is an interesting project. However I was hoping… to speak. Instead I got bubbles. Oh well. Nice to meet you. I am Romeo Tsuda.]

A flash of concern and confusion crossed her face. He wanted to speak. There were other medical options. He could seek those out, right? But, this was a world of dreams and hope. 

"We only just got here… Maybe as things figure them out, you’ll figure it out too."

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Can Ghosts Dream? | Tsukasa | Prolouge | Open


She waved her hand around as she grinned at the researcher.

"Don’t worry about it! I understand!"

Tsukasa paused a bit before asking her a question.

"Oh yeah, you mind if I ask you something, Tomi-chan? Your title…do you research about anything? Or do you research one specific thing?"

There was a small, friendly smile once again on her face. She was glad the other didn’t mind but her nickname too just felt strange. She tried to push to the back of her mind for later. She would deal with that at a later time. Who knows, maybe she would get use to it. 

"Oh, I’m specialize in medical research but I have published several other articles in other fields. You said you were… a paranormal investigator yourself, right?"

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Can Ghosts Dream? | Tsukasa | Prolouge | Open


Tsukasa was a bit taken aback when the researcher had called her “Miss Kishimoto”. It made her sound old! Like she was her mom or something…

She shook her head as a smile was on her face again as she hopped down from the wall.

"No need to call me ‘Miss Kishimoto’, just call me Tsukasa!"

The blue-haired girl nodded excitedly in agreement .

"Nice to meet you, Tomi-chan! I’m very excited about this place, I can walk on walls! I’m kind of not surprised something like this is real though, I mean, Hopes Peak is like…an important school or something, right? I mean, if the government is involved with a school, I’m sure they could be able to pull something like this off, right?"

She blinked. Even her colleagues for years had been called by their last names and some title. Professor, doctor, etc. Professionalism was important to her. Her nick name was a tad confusing.It was far too personalized for her tastes.

"Oh, right, my apologizes. Formalities aside, it is still nice to meet you. I expected something like this to happen but I thought it was years in the future. I wasn’t even aware it was capable in my lifetime. To be apart of something so new and the first of its kind, it is an experience I will never forget."

There was a spark of excitement in her eyes. Hitomi truly was happy and in love with this placed. Even if it wasn’t her work, Hitomi acted like it was her child. 

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Exhausted | Prologue | Ichiro | OPEN


Exhausted…That’s what he was…He was literally always exhausted…

Exhausted physically…

Exhausted mentally…

Exhausted with dealing with people…

Basically everything…Problem was he had a lot of trouble actually sleeping…Dreams were weird things…and a restless mind with plenty of hidden fears maybe perfect fodder for the fire of nightmares…so maybe with this sleep study bullshit…he could get over them and just…sleep…Like a normal human being.

But none of this really seemed normal…

Like people were walking on walls…That wasn’t normal…And then there was this robot…but the robot did say it was time to learn how to live inside a dream…So the small boy could only assume the norm here would be anything but.

He let out a small sigh, rubbing at the underside of his nose and casting glances to the side at all the other kids here with him…He never did good with other people…

So naturally this would go great.

He paused and stiffened up just a tad when he felt someone staring at him, greeting him in the way only he could.




"What. What do you want?"


Her mind was foggy when she first woke up. Who she was, why she was here, where she was, even when it was were all slowly coming back to her. Even while the teacher spoke, she felt herself still not grasping the world around here. Despite that, the situation, the scene, everyone made her feel like a child in a candy shop. 

She glanced over at the other boy next to her once the introductions were made. Was he still waking up? Was it called that here even? Odd, waking up in a dream… Maybe it was understandable to be grumpy if things like this weren’t your forte. 

"Introduction at least. Pardon if that a bit too much right now. Dreams have always been a phenomenon that has passed modern technology."

"…I’m Hitomi Tsukino though… Could I get your name?"

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Can Ghosts Dream? | Tsukasa | Prolouge | Open


It was no surprise to any of her friends that she would do something like this. “Fearless” is a word you can describe Tsukasa Kishimoto, always curious and not afraid to explore the unknown. Which is what drew her to this project. 

Most of the explanation stuff went through one ear and out of the other for her as her attention had darted to the pods instead. While the process of being hooked up to the pod made her a bit nervous, she was still excited on what’s to come, and boy did they not disappoint her. 


She stared in awe at their “Teacher”. A robot! That’s so cool! A million questions raced through her head, ignoring some of the rules that imply liking the robot romantically. Who would flirt with a robot? That’s weird! He probably has a robot family or something! If someone were to do that, that would make you a…uh…what was it again? A home-wrecker! That’s it.

As soon as Anon had said “walk on walls” the tiny blue-haired girl had bolted away and immediately jumped on a wall. Just like he said, she was walking on the wall just fine.


Tsukasa shouted as she started running across the room on the walls. Wow, look at her go. You wouldn’t have thought someone that small could run as fast. She had suddenly screeched to a halt as she looked at you, although, she was kind of upside down at this point, her hand saluting you like a solider would to a general of some sort.

"Salutations! I’m Tsukasa Kishimoto, SHSL Paranormal Investigator! Nice to meet you!"

….Well this is certainly one way to greet someone.

She couldn’t help but to smile at the other girl’s reaction. It was similar to her own. She had a bit of a shock. To be frank, she never thought this would go through. To see it work, only got her heart racing and her mind speeding. 

"Hello Miss Kishimoto, I am Hitomi Tsukino. I am a super high school level researcher."

"You’re just as excited about this place as me then, right? I never thought in my wildest dreams they would be able to accomplish this. It is certainly quite amazing here! Even their AI."

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Word Bubbles? // Tsuda // Open


Listening to everything that had happened, Tsuda felt a little disorientated by this world. He took a moment to get over the weirdness of the world and listened to their teacher with the unfortunate name. He walked away as soon as it was over and opened his mouth to speak.


So even in the dream world, he had no voice. He sighed and realized he had no board. How was he supposed to talk to others?! He frowned deeply and sighed again. Maybe he would have to find someone who knew sign language.

He turned around to see someone and awkwardly signed ‘hello’, only for bubbles to form the word ‘Hello’ in front of him. Oh hey that was cool. Continuing to sign, more bubbles formed the words he signed.

[Well this is interesting! Hello there. I am Romeo Tsuda. I’m mute as you can probably tell but it seems like these… bubbles have me covered.]

A mute? Oh, this experiment was certainly getting interesting. The group of kids they had picked out had a wide range. It would certainly make for good results. If this went well, she was convinced there would be a handful of more groups going through this program.

"Greetings. This program is really exceeded its time then."

She leaned in and examined the boy. Personal space was something she commonly ignored and this world only made her poke her nose in more places. She wanted to turn up everything to see and understand this world. 

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